As a VIP or a business, you know that your online identity is valuable. Be sure that it is safe.

iProtego acts as a digital shield offering everything you need to protect youself. Expect:

    • An accurate audit of your reputation
    • A search results page cleaning that includes take-down requests performed by our legal experts
    • Our experts to improve your search results by promoting positive results and suppressing or deleting negative ones
    • Automatic monitoring of your Google results with email alerts whenever there is a change
    • Your newly repaired reputation to be solidified to act as a buffer against new content that you do not control

Our expertise has been recognized by hundreds of VIPs and business clients since 2009. Asking for a quote is the first step towards improving your reputation.

How we work to improve your online reputation


audit ereputation

For every client we start with a free audit of your reputation and its online reach. As each Google search is slightly different, this audit allows us to evaluate the services needed to protect you and your reputation. This lets us give you an accurate price quote for making sure that you look your best online.


Once a contract is in place, we begin cleaning up your reputation. This consists of two parts:

clean reputation

Take-down Requests and Negotiation

Our legal team reaches out to websites and content creators on your behalf to get negative content edited, made anonymous or, ideally, removed. In cases where a request is refused, we negotiate with search engines to get the result delisted, blocking the web page from showing up in searches. This does not delete the sites from the Internet, but makes them impossible for someone to find from Google, Bing and another search engines. We always start by cleaning up negative results, as it is the fastest way to fix your reputation.

serp sculpting

Search Engine Results Page Sculpting

For any remaining negative content, we use our SERPs-Sculpting method, or search engine results page sculpting.  This pushes positive results up and negative ones down. As 94% of Internet users do not look further than the first page in a Google search, the most effective want to reduce negative contents’ visibility is to push it onto the second page and beyond. We take advantage of existing positive content by increasing its ranking, as well as creating new content that tells your story.

We do not create empty filler, which would just be excluded from search engine algorithms later. We create positive content designed to stick around for the long term. What you need to know is that iProtego will influence search results to make positive results climb, while pushing negative ones down.

standby google


In order to measure the evolution of your online reputation, iProtego is vigilant about monitoring your Google results. You will not have to check your search results everyday. We will do it for you. Whenever there is a change, good or bad, you will receive a notification letting you know.


Once clients are seeing your best side again, it is important to use that it stays that way. Our service accomplishes this in two ways.

protection ereputation

Guarantee against a recurrence

Is a negative result climbing back up the search rankings? This is rare, though not unheard of. If it does happen, we will jump into action early to preserve your newly-repaired reputation.

Strengthening of your Google results

In order to protect you from new negative results, our last action is to strengthen your top ten search results. We reinforce positive content about you. This creates a barrier stopping new content, that you do not control, dead in its tracks.

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