Reputation Management for Public Figures

Control what is accessible to others searching your name on Google


Are you a business leader or a public figure? Are you well known to a lot of people? If so, you are likely being talked about in the media and on social networks.

Articles and criticism can stick around for a long time online, hurting you and those around you. Managing your image and reputation on the Internet is more important than ever. Make sure that what people are seeing about you is helping you.

Are you a public figure? Through iProtego you can control your online identity and reputation.

Your reputation and online images belongs to you.

We work hard so that you do not have to. We anticipate and resolve your online reputation problems.

We can often push down or erase negative results on Google, Bing and other search engines in a few days or weeks. Stop letting them hurt you, contact iProtego about our protection services for VIPs.

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