Protect the Reputation of your hotel, restaurant or hospitality business

73% of Internet users base their vacation destination decisions on online reviews

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iProtego manages and ensures that online customers are seeing the best face of your hotel, restaurant or hospitality business.

Today it is more important now than ever to clean up and maintain your business’s reputation because customers look at social media and review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor when planning their vacations. Your reputation can be your greatest asset or a real danger for your company.

A statistic to keep in mind: a dissatisfied customer will tell between nine and fifteen people about his or her other negative experience. Unfortunately a happy customer will tell only three. This means that negative reviews have more reach than positive ones and are disproportionately harmful.

Online reviews are here to stay. While positive ones help new clients be comfortable buying from you, but sometimes you need a way to push back against malicious, defamatory and excessively negative ones. iProtego helps by:

  • Monitoring what people are saying about your business
  • Increasing your visibility online through Search Engine Optimization
  • Managing your review sites pages
  • Responding to reviews on your behalf
  • Managing your online reputation problems.


A Service Designed for Hotels and Restaurants

96% of web users report that online reviews affect their buying decisions. iProtego helps your hotel or restaurant through SEO, search engine optimization, to help make your positive reviews more visible.

We develop your image and increase your visibility to search engines, social media and travel advice sites.

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